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Where to Eat in Bodrum?

There are many restaurants belonging to both local and world cuisines in Bodrum, where you come for your holiday. Bodrum has every flavor you are looking for in Food and Wine. Do you want to eat a seafood restaurant, a Turkish style meal or a world cuisine?

For the answer to this question, we have listed the 10 best restaurants in Bodrum for you. By exploring the surroundings, you can have different experiences in delicious kitchens accompanied by fascinating music.

Here are 10 Best World Brand Restaurants in Bodrum

1) Nusr-Et Restaurant

Serving in Yalıkavak Marina, Nusr-et (salt-bae) Steak House awaits you in Bodrum as a world-class brand with its delicious meats, unique service and boutique concept. Nusr-et, which has nearly 20 branches in different countries of the world, is very popular on Social Media. If you say I understand good meat and love different presentations, you should definitely have a dinner here. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can watch Nusret’s own presentations so you can have a different night.

2) Novikov Restaurant

Novikov restaurant chain serving in Yalıkavak Marina, Bodrum. It has branches in different cities of the world such as London, Moscow, Miami, Doha and Porto Cervo. The restaurant, where you can try tastes from Asian cuisine accompanied by a view of the marina, offers seafood dishes. If you want to try seafood in different styles, it will be a unique option for you! You should choose the evening hours for a magnificent sunset view. Novikov’s elaborate cocktails will accompany you as you watch the sunset.

3) Fenix Bodrum

If you love or want to try South American Cuisine, Fenix Bodrum is definitely the right address for you. The cevishe and tiradito served in minimalist plates are prepared with raw fish. Apart from these traditional Peruvian delicacies, there are also options such as meat and pasta in the menu. Fenix is a business that serves both as a restaurant and as a night club. With its exotic decoration and stylish bar, I can say that Fenix Yalıkavak has one of the most enjoyable evening bars in the Marina area.

4) Zuma Yalikavak

Zuma transforms traditional Japanese Cuisine into Contemporary Japanese Cuisine with a sophisticated presentation. Zuma, located in Yalıkavak Marina, offers (Contemporary Japanese Cuisine) Modern Japanese Cuisine. It serves with 11 branches around the world and 5 different seasonal branches. If you want to taste the world-renowned Japanese Cuisine in Bodrum, you can enjoy a unique dinner at Zuma. It also serves as a beach restaurant, like a paradise hidden at the far end of Yalıkavak Marina during the day. It has its own pool and bar. You can spend your Bodrum holiday like a dream in Zuma, where you can enjoy your whole day.

5) Maca Kızı ( Queen of Spades) Bodrum

Maça Kızı is a hotel business located in Bodrum Turkbuku. This facility is one of Bodrum’s oldest-story businesses. 1970’s Mick Jagger, a very famous such as Rudolf Nureyev, who discovered this hidden paradise on the western coast of Turkey. Over the years, the business has been renovated and transformed into a special restaurant and hotel. It is now mentioned among the most glamorous and popular places in Bodrum. Turkey’s St. abroad It is known as the Tropez. Celebrities like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell choose this place for vacation. What do you say, don’t you want to join these celebrities?

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In Maca Kızı Bodrum, breakfast and lunch are served as open buffet. Apart from hotel accommodation, you can also join your meals from outside. Lahmacun (TurkıshPızza) and Pizzas from the wood oven of the place are very suitable for lunch on the beach. Mantı (turkish specialty food), which is available on Sundays, is the most preferred of the place. Apart from these, you can also choose from dishes specific to Mediterranean cuisine.

6) Marina Yacht Club,

Marina Yacht Club is one of the most popular places in Bodrum with its unique view overlooking Bodrum Harbor and the historical Bodrum Castle. Inside, there are 3 different restaurants serving international cuisine. So you can choose the style you want when you get there.

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Cafe Del Corso: This place is a special Italian restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner and drink wine. You can enjoy pizzas cooked in wood oven and fresh home pasta.
Club Restaurant: You can find fresh seafood, Turkish cuisine and delicious appetizers in this place, which is open in summer and winter.
Roof Marıne: It is among the best addresses where you can watch the sunset while sipping your cocktail with its magnificent castle and sea view in Bodrum Center on a light breeze summer evening. You can have a very nice dinner experience with Mediterranean Cuisine, Turkish Cuisine and fresh seafood.

7) Brava

The world-famous Peruvian Chef Diego Munoz is at the head of Brava in The Bodrum Edition Hotel. The creative touches of the chef can be felt on almost every plate in the restaurant menu. It offers recipes from Latin American cuisine, especially Peru, with local products unique to our geography. Brava’s prominent flavors are “ceviche”, the freshest combination of seafood under the heading “crudo” on the menu.

8) Tuti Restaurant

Tuti Restaurant, located on the terrace of The Marmara Hotel, is one of the places with the most beautiful sunset view in Bodrum with its stunning view. Tuti Restaurant serves the distinguished flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine with the creative touches of master chefs. In Tuti Restaurant, you can watch the Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Harbor and the lights of the distant Kos Island so that your dinner becomes an unforgettable memory with this view.

9) Ent Restaurant

Ent Restaurant serves inside Casa Dell’Arte Hotel in Bodrum Torba. Offering special menus, Ent Restaurant offers an impressive dining experience. If you want, wine pairing is done with the creative dishes created by Chef Yoldaş Sönmez, inspired by the local flavors of the Aegean. Although Ent’s Menu, which is a chef restaurant, carries traces of world cuisines, it essentially interprets a synthesis of Anatolian cuisine.

10) La Pasion

La Pasion is a private establishment famous for its Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. If you want to eat Spanish music, an exotic atmosphere and a 200-year-old stone house, this special restaurant in the center of Bodrum is just for you. Meals are prepared with daily purchases of ingredients and seafood. Depending on the meal you choose, you can have a wine presentation. You can eat delicious tapas. Fast service and most importantly, you can have a good time in a family atmosphere in a stone house with a fireplace.

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