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Benefits of seeking dental treatment abroad

There are many benefits of dental tourism, the first of those being the chance to get some complex dental procedures done at way lower price rates than in your own country. Another upside to the pricing system is its transparency – many clinics will give you the estimated cost of the treatment upfront. Dental clinics involved in dental tourism can often be more caring and attentive towards foreign customers and provide high quality services, using the best materials, since they want you to be satisfied and refer them to your friends back home. Also, there is no waiting – the clinics will adjust their schedules to your plans, so that you can take maximum advantage of the time spent in their country. And, of course, we shouldn’t forget about memorable tourist experience, getting in touch with local culture, visiting attractions and restaurants and other exciting activities that your destination offers.

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Dent Art Port , is a well-established Dental Clinic in the heart of Bodrum providing excellent dentistry for the whole family. Our priority is making you feel comfortable and at ease in a safe and welcoming environment.

Yasin Balcı

Teeth Whitening

I received a very good service in a hygienic environment

Cındy R.

Full Dental Implants

Always have a great experience at this dental office. Thanks again for your expertise’

Kristin Y.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Very friendly ‘customer service’ approach. Excellent treatment and advice.

Josh S.

Dental surgery

I would like to show my appreciations to all staff at Dent Art Port Dental Clınıc. They offer extremely professional service and always strive to help and accommodate patients. Also, the dentist is extremely professional, approachable, honest and helpful. Thank you very much for your outstanding treatment, help, and advice. The dentist tried very hard to save my tooth but had to be extracted.

Michelle O.


I’d been avoiding the dentist for years due to bad experiences. Then due to a gum infection I had to make an emergency appointment at Dent Art Port Dental Clınıc. I have been a patient ever since. My dentist is very reassuring and very helpful.

Jessica B.

Full Dental Implants

“I am very scared of dentists.  Dent Art Port made me feel so at ease and very comfortable. Dr. Metin Akyol is very gentle and kind.  I have found a dental Clınıc that puts the patient first and takes away their fear with their gentleness and kindness for patients.”


Let’s Give You That Perfect Smile!

With the development of technology, different ways have begun to be tried in treatment services that are in the process of change and development. Increasing treatment costs abroad direct individuals to Dental Tourism. In different countries, they reduce their costs in healthcare expenditures by getting both travel and treatment services.

Today, tourism, which is formed by the patients suffering from dental diseases or those who want to have dental aesthetics, travel to different countries in order to benefit from the price advantage, to receive a quality treatment and to have a holiday other than treatment, is called “Dental Health Tourism”.

As Dent Art Port Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we provide you with treatment in Bodrum’s most preferred dental clinic and offer you high quality treatment organizations.

Dent Art Port Dental Polyclinic provides dental treatment services in Bodrum to patients from all over the world. We ensure that you get these treatments at the high standards of our dental clinic and at affordable prices.

Dental patients of our experienced and you will receive our expert dentist for dental treatment you can get outside of Turkey are suitable for diagnosis and treatment as effective and standards. We support you to feel safe and to continue your treatment with the most appropriate planning.

How Do We Plan Your Dental Treatments and Your Dream Vacation?

  • Feel Good in Bodrum We plan every detail for you.
  • Before starting the treatment, it will be very useful to send us (via the send file button on our web page) your latest available chin film, three-dimensional tomography and, if possible, intraoral photos. In this way, we can plan the most suitable and fastest treatment process for you.
  • With this plan, we will inform you by e-mail about the average treatment duration and cost. We do not find it appropriate to provide price information on the phone or without examination.
  • Apart from your treatment, we also offer accommodation, transportation, travel and guide services if you wish.
  • During your treatment, if you want, you can stay at the quality hotels we have contracted for more affordable prices, and you can carry out the travel programs we have prepared for you in peace and safety with a guide.

In Bodrum, the Pearl of the Aegean, we both restore you to your health and ensure you live the holiday of your dreams.

Creating the healthy smile you want through science and compassionate care.

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Dent Art Port Dental Clinic provides all dental treatment services.


Teeth Braces

Dental braces are appliances which are used to align or straighten the teeth and guide the teeth to the corrected position. They are made up of wires, brackets, and bands. Braces aid to correct irregular teeth positioning, jaw correction, improvement in chewing and smile aesthetics. Your dentist is the best person to guide on treatment options and modalities depending upon dentition.



Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that pertains to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance, and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth, and/or maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes. The subject highlighted in this chapter is special prostheses for tooth and dentition.


Teeth Whitening

With so many options available to brighten your smile, it can be difficult to choose the method that is right for you. The best way to begin any teeth whitening regimen is to schedule an appointment and talk to your doctor about the differences between in office and at home teeth whitening techniques.

The most effective whitening procedure is applied in Dent Art Port dental clinic.



Implant dental treatment offers a safe solution for you to regain a comfortable smile and to be able to bite and eat without difficulty. When you lose your natural teeth, your jawbone and surrounding tissues begin to melt again or disappear over time. When the dental implant is placed in the jaw, it allows the remaining bone to grow and interlock around the metal along with tiny blood vessels.


We’re a friendly team of dentists working together to ensure that you receive the best treatment that you require.

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