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Hello Reader; Bodrum, which is the most special tourism destination in the country, has a very impressive past with its history as well as its natural beauties. The history of Bodrum is like matryoshka dolls intertwined with thousands of years of history and mythological stories.

Let’s ! Not only of sea, sand and sun; Let’s take a deep journey to the historical past of Bodrum, which contains ancient stories, my dear reader.

In ancient times, the region where Muğla is located was called “Caria”. Bodrum, one of the 13 districts of Muğla city, was founded by the Lelegs in 2000 BC.

Lelegs were among the oldest known peoples of the Aegean living in Caria in Anatolia. That’s why you will often see the Leleg hiking trails, which draw our attention the most while traveling in Bodrum.

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The most important life center of the Lelegian people is Pedesa Ancient City, which has preserved its ruins until today. This ancient city open to visitors at the top of Konacık district is very interesting with its ruins and observation terrace.

After the Dorians (Ancient Greek People), who dominated the region by defeating the Lelegs, various cultures and civilizations such as Helen, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman had their traces.

After the invasions of Persians who ruled in Iran, the region was occupied by Persians and divided into governorships (straps). The Karia Strab Mausolos, the manager of the region called the Karia Strap, brought the region to its brightest times during its 24-year rule.

The Mausoleion of Halicarnassus, built in the name of King Mausolos by his wife and sister Artemisia in Halicarnassus, is a monumental tomb considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Mausoleion of Halicarnassus, which resembles Greek Architecture with its columns and Egyptian Architecture with its pyramid-shaped roof, will appear as one of the oldest and most impressive stories of Bodrum.

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The region, formerly known as “Halikarnassos”, passed under Turkish rule in the 11th century. The lands attached to the Menteşe Principality were left to the Knights of Rhodes with the permission of the Ottoman ruler Çelebi Mehmet.

The Knights of Rhodes, who inspired many stories in the history that changed the fate of the island, have a very important reputation in the history scene. The St. Jean Knights or St. This sect, known as the petrium, is a knight’s union founded in the 11th century.

Their names were later changed to the “Knights of Rhodes” due to the island of Rhodes they chose as their base. This union, which was established to ensure the safety of pilgrims on the roads and to treat their illnesses, who wanted to visit Holy Jerusalem, grew over time and turned into a political authority. In order to prove their power and political authority, the Knights built castles in the areas where they ruled.

Bodrum Castle was built in 1402 by the Knights who settled in Halicarnassos. The city was named ‘Petrium’ after the city was dedicated to Saint Peter, together with the castle called the Castle of St. Peter.

This name was expressed as ‘petrum’, then ‘potrum’ and finally ‘Bodrum’ in time and it is thought that the name Bodrum comes from here.

There are a lot of stories belonging to the historical and mythological stories of Bodrum. Hope to meet you in other articles….

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