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Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most popular destinations, offers you a lot of options for vacation. You can swim in the sea that shines like a blue diamond. You can take great photos with its white houses with bougainvillea flowers hanging from their windows. You can live the holiday you have always dreamed of, with the nightlife where you will be full of fun and the nature where you can spend time in peace.

Bodrum, which dates back to the Ancient Greek Empire, is formerly known as Halicarnassus. If you are good with history, you must know Herodotus. We are sure that Herodotus, one of the dozens of wise philosophers born in these lands, will enjoy strolling around the streets. You will find quite a lot of options in Bodrum.

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Since the Bodrum Peninsula is a very popular destination during the summer months, you should make sure to make your reservation early. You can find accommodation options suitable for every budget in the city where tourism is ahead.

Bodrum City Center – Where to Stay in Bodrum for Nightlife?

Bodrum city center is a very lively area with a marina. If you like nightlife and fun, this area is for you. Its green nature, restaurant cafes and bars and the historical part of the city are in this area. You will come across wonderful photo frames on the streets resembling the labyrinth of old Greek houses.

  • The closest beach is Bardakçı Cove, just a few minutes from the city center.
  • 15th century Bodrum Castle (St. Peter’s Castle)
  • Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum
  • Mausolus Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Hotels located in the city center usually have smaller and limited facilities.

Gumbet- Where Is The Most Popular Area For Tourists In Bodrum?

Apart from the central location of Bodrum, Gumbet is the most popular area for tourists. This region, which is dominated by British tourists, is the liveliest part of the city after the city center. It is a common point for both families with children and those who prefer nightlife. Bodrum peninsula’s most popular nightclubs and restaurants where you can eat international cuisine are in this part.

Gumbet is a region where all-inclusive hotels are concentrated. There are many hotels, especially on the beach and almost throughout the region. It is about 10/15 minutes drive from the center of Bodrum and takes 35 minutes on foot.

  • Gumbet Bar Street
  • Oasis Mall Gumbet Bazaar
  • Cevat Sakir Kabaagaclı’s Tomb. Famous poet and writer who is mentioned with Bodrum (Halikarnas Fisherman)

Turgutreis – Where is Dent Art Port Dental Clinic?

Turgutreis, which is about 40 minutes away from the center of Bodrum, is the second largest district of the peninsula. It is the cultural region of Bodrum that is at the forefront of art, music, shopping and nature sports. You should choose this region for long beaches, a wonderful sunset, and luxury shopping. Regular trips are made to the Greek Islands from Turgutreis Port, which is located between Greece and the border crossing point.

Dent Art Port Bodrum Oral and Dental Health Clinic serves for you in this location.

  • D-Marin Marina
  • D-Marin Turgutreis Yacht Club
  • Turgutreis Market
  • Sunset Beach
  • Sevket Sabancı Culture and Art Center

Apart from hotels, you can find other options such as rental villas, rental rooms and boutique hotels to stay in Turgutreis.

Golturkbuku (Turkbuku) – Where is Bodrum’s Luxury Holiday Area?

It is the region located in the north of Bodrum peninsula.
You can explore the region more closely by trekking and trekking among the natural beauties of Turkbuku. You can also go to the Turkbuku hills and watch the magnificent sea view from the top.

There are castles, caves and rock tombs from the Lycian Civilization on the hilly parts of Turkbuku. You can see these places while you are here and take a journey to the past.
In Turkbuku, one of the most popular tourism centers in Bodrum, you can stay in 5-star hotels, ultra all-inclusive hotels or affordable apart hotels and hostels.

Torba – Where to Stay in Bodrum for Those Who Love a Green and Blue Town?

A paradise awaits you ten minutes away from the center of Bodrum. When ever you want to get out of the small and quiet shelter, you can easily go to a cafe or bar in the center of the city. Apart from the hotel holiday in Torba, you can participate in daily boat tours or activities full of fun and adrenaline, departing from Bodrum Center. As Dent Art Port Bodrum Dental Clinic, if you request, we plan the transfer between Hotel and Clinic for you. Be sure to check the price list and indicate it during the booking process to take advantage of this offer.


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