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General Dentistry
General dentists provide services related to the general maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth health.
Two popular restorations used to replace missing teeth are dental implants and dental bridges.
Dental Surgery
Dental surgery is any of a number of medical procedures that involve artificially modifying dentition; in other words, surgery of the teeth, gums and jaw bones.
Teeth alignment is typically corrected through two methods: braces or aligners.
Teeth Braces
Braces are orthodontic or dental devices responsible for straightening crooked teeth or malocclusion for the most part.
Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure in which we will remove your teeth stains by using very safe, but highly potent bleaching agents.
A mouthguard is a protective device for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, arches, lips and gums.
Prosthesis is the dental field where artificial teeth are placed instead of missing teeth.

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    Dent Art Port Dental Clinic, is an established clinic providing excellent dentistry for the entire family Turkey’s Bodrum district. Our priority is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe and welcoming environment.

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    • Turkey’s Health Ministry have accreditation Dental Tourism.

    • Turkey patient evaluation We are in the Doktor Takvimi program.

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    Teeth whitening is one of the quickest ways to improve your smile. Many patients are amazed that one trip to Dent Art Port can change their teeth dramatically.

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    It is well known that Turkey - Bodrum has become a main tourism destination. Besides its charm and attractiveness, Turkey - Bodrum has developed to a top level in dental care and became a remarkable dental tourism location for foreign patients.
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    We’re a friendly team of dentists working together to ensure that you receive the best treatment that you require.

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