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Holiday and Cultural Centers to be seen around Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the most exclusive resorts in Turkey. Sea, nature, peace and fun; you can find an option for all of them. There are very important ancient cities, cultural centers and holiday destinations around this destination located in the Aegean region. 5 places to visit around Bodrum:

1) Milas

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Milas is a destination located 40 minutes by car from Bodrum. A city of culture and history with at least 5000 years of history. This city, where Greeks, Armenians, Jews and Muslims lived together in the past, has an impressive history with its architecture and history.

27 Ancient cities from this city to the present day:

The ruins of the ancient cities of Iasos, Labranda, Euromos and Herakleia have survived. You can eat the Eel, which is famous for the inscription of Heraklia Ancient City, and you can go trekking. Iasos Ancient City has an eye-catching beauty that has survived until today, a large part of which has not been demolished.

2) Didim (Didyma)

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Didim is a 1 hour 45 minute drive from Milas. Altinkum Beach and the Temple of Apollo are very popular with tourists, which are visited by tourists with open legs in summer. Temple of Apollo, the Oracle of God Apollo; It is one of the three most important streets among the prophecy found in Anatolia. The city, which has remained intact until the great past, is quite imposing.

Didim apollon Temple

3) Marmaris

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3 basement car construction in Marmaris, Turkey is one of the popular tourist destinations. On this route, which is greener and more forested than Bodrum, you can see wonderful bays and views by following the coastal road. You can visit Ören, Akbük, Akyaka, Datça and Marmaris along this channel. When traveling by car, you can first visit Datça and then to Marmaris by Datça ferry. If you want to shorten the journey, you can reach Datça directly from Datça Ferryboat departing from Bodrum Central Marina and then to Marmaris.


4) Selcuk / Ephesus Ancient City

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Do not come back to Bodrum and see the ancient city of Ephesus. Included in the World Heritage Tentative List by UNESCO in 1994, Ephesus was registered as a World Heritage in 2015. The biggest temple of the Artemis cult is also located in Ephesus. The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. You will admire the fascinating architecture of Ephesus Ancient City with this tour route that will add a completely different meaning to your holiday.


5) Selcuk / Virgin Mary Church

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The House of Virgin Mary is a Catholic shrine located in Bulbuldagı, around Ephesus. It is about 2 and a half hours from Bodrum. There is a small Byzantine church in the ruins of the Virgin Mary, which is reached by passing the upper gate of the ancient city of Ephesus. Here,  It is believed that Mary, mother of Jesus, lived and died. It is considered sacred and visited by Christians, healing is sought for the sick, and vows are made. It is regarded as a pilgrimage center and considered sacred. Every year believers in the Christian faith, Hz. Pilgrimages are made to this church on 15 August, when Mary celebrates the Assumption / Dormition.

You can reach these unique routes that you can travel around Bodrum with daily tours.

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